Don't Let Dingy Floors Hinder Your Home's Value

Don't Let Dingy Floors Hinder Your Home's Value

Ask Projects which new flooring material is best for your home in Port Angeles, WA

You may not think your flooring material matters that much, but it actually has a major impact on your home value. Projects by Aaron Pont can replace your worn, outdated floors to increase your property value.

Aaron can install customized flooring anywhere in your home. He also remains updated on the latest trends. You can trust him to help you make the right decision for your home. Call 307-321-0307 now to get a free estimate on your flooring installation.

Projects works with a variety of flooring materials

You’re not limited to just one flooring option with Projects by Aaron Pont. Choose from:



  • Hardwood. Install hardwood floors with any stain or finish.
  • LVT. Make your floors resemble hardwood or stone.
  • Vinyl. Switch to a durable flooring option that’s also easy to maintain.
  • Laminate. Say goodbye to water damage and scratches with laminate flooring.
  • Carpet. Install plush, beautiful carpeting so that your little ones can play safely.
  • Tile. Pick sleek tile flooring to make your walkways stand out.
  • Refinished Hardwood Floors. Sometimes when you tear away an old carpet, you'll find beautiful original hardwood floors. We can refinish that hardwood floor and bring back that character to your home.

Aaron will help you pick the right flooring material based on your decor, lifestyle habits and budget. Reach out to him today to go over your flooring options.