Secure Your Home With a Sturdy Fence

Secure Your Home With a Sturdy Fence

Reach out to Projects by Aaron Pont for fence installation work in Port Angeles, & Sequim, WA today

Are you tired of people and animals trespassing onto your property? Do you worry about your children when they’re playing in your yard? Projects by Aaron Pont has the solution for you. Aaron builds all kinds of custom fences. He’ll measure the area where you want your new fence installed and recommend which type of fencing will be best for your home.

Choose the perfect stain for your new fence

Your new fence can be traditional or unique. Aaron will stain or paint your new fence any color you want. Once he’s finished, you’ll have a new, eye-catching addition to your property.

Contact Projects today to make an appointment for fence installation.

Aaron can build any type of fence. Hire him to construct any of the following:

  • Cedar fences
  • Hog panel/cattle panel fences
  • Horizontal picket fences
  • Dog-ear fences
  • Deer-proof fences
  • Buck and rail fences
  • No-climb fences
  • Decorative fences
  • Steep grade fences
  • Privacy fences

When you buy a fence, you're making an investment in your home. Whether its for privacy, protection, or purely aesthetics, you need a fence that will stand the test of time. When we say guaranteed to last, we mean it - with proper maintenance your fence should last 10-20 years without a problem! You can trust Projects by Aaron Pont will provide you with a beautiful fence that you won't have to worry about for a long time.